Swift-Paw Therian Wolf Pack (Please read entire description)
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The Swift-Paw Wolf Pack is a 16 and under Wolf Therian and Otherkin pack in the Kent WA area, offering a space for young wolf Therians to talk, hang out, run around, hunt, and have fun in both human and wolf mentality with others like them. Meetups will be held at least twice a month (with exceptions for emergencies), and will almost always be held later in the day at parks and lakes. What will we be doing? We will be letting our wolf spirit and/or mentality out as a pack. We will be running around, barking and howling, chasing small prey, wrestling, everything a normal wolf pack does (with caution, of course, we are still human). What are our rules? The pack rules are as follows: Always listen to the alpha males and females of the pack (within reason), respect all members of the pack including pups and omegas, attend at least one pack meeting every month (exceptions for emergencies). Most importantly, you must bring your parent or guardian to the first meeting with the pack, for safety reasons. Once the pack knows and trusts you and your guardian, it is fine for them to drop you off at meetings, since they most likely are not interested in what therian wolf packs do anyways. Contact the Alpha Male if you are interested in joining and can abide to all the rules.

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